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Welcome to Around with Rox, 

a blog that aims to inspire readers to take up initiatives related to their personal and professional growth through self-development, travel, and international opportunities.

The mission of Around with Rox is to help readers step out of their comfort zone and experience as many social and professional contexts as possible, by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to start their process.

Why did I create the website?

Fear is the main element behind unfulfilled desires, postponed decisions, and the phrase “what if?”. 

The courage to eliminate fear means freedom. It is not the absence of fear, but the decision to face it regardless. It is what allows us to grow and develop

To gain the courage to overcome fear and make decisions on our development, we need to find inspiration, education, and support.

Around with Rox was born out of my desire to show those who want to grow what could be meaningful steps that can be taken and what is the influence of traveling and volunteering in this context. 

If you are looking for inspiration to improve your lifestyle, explore new travel destinations and contexts, or take advantage of international opportunities, Around with Rox is the right source.

As individuals, there are three key ideas we need to embrace to achieve personal growth and development.

So, I invite you to explore the Around with Rox blog and join me on this journey of growth and development. Start your exploration today!


Develop a lifestyle that welcomes well-being states, healthy habits, and a growth mindset. Here, you can find the right tools and resources to better your personal and professional state.

Discover the secrets behind lands,  cultures, and the people that make them whole. Here, you can find articles on unique travel destinations, insider tips, and personal travel experiences.

Define your goals and  live a passionate life, without forgetting to leave a paying-it-forward effect. Here, you can read about international volunteering, internships, or study abroad programs,

Who am I?

about me

I am Roxana, a 26-year youth from a little city on the western side of Romania. Here, I live happily working in an NGO where I first volunteered as a children’s workshops facilitator,  now as a communication manager. The work opportunities that I’ was engaged in over the last two years allowed me to grow and develop my written communication skills. I have a strong love for writing as a way of self-expression which has become for me the way to reflect on experiences and keep them safe, as my own memoirs.

I started this blog as a chance for me to offer inspiration to those who might need it in certain aspects of life, to allow myself to develop in the subjects that I’ve chosen to write about and to share the knowledge I’ve gathered in the last years regarding Travel and International opportunities.

And today, I’m inviting you to explore more of the meanings behind Around with Rox.