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Who am I?

I am Roxana, a 26-year youth from a little city on the western side of Romania. Here, I live happily working in an NGO where I first volunteered as a children’s workshops facilitator, and now as a communication manager. The work opportunities that I’ was engaged in over the last two years allowed me to grow and develop my written communication skills. I have a strong love for writing as a way of self-expression which has become for me the way to reflect on experiences and keep them safe, as my own memoirs.

I started this blog as a chance for me to offer inspiration to those who might need it in certain aspects of life, to allow myself to develop in the subjects that I’ve chosen to write about and to share the knowledge I’ve gathered in the last years regarding Travel and International opportunities.  I started to taste the love of writing in the online environment  1 year ago when a friend called to propose me a collaboration as a blog writer. At that time, I didn’t have any idea about how will it go. But, I said yes. And I’ve started a journey that created the desire of creating my own website.

And today, I’m inviting you to explore more of the meanings behind Around with Rox.

My values

My values are humanity, faith, and courage. Those values guided me toward living the life  I live today.

I’d like to call Around with Rox my little project of self-discovery, and a dive into another unknown. I had many unknowns since I started my journey and they led me to this beautiful time. So, why not embrace the continuation?

My mission


I’ve always dreamed of sharing useful and meaningful publications with individuals that want to grow and expand their vision. So,  this website is my chance to explore the depths of writing with a purpose, about subjects that might help others overcome limitations, welcome new habits, discover new ways of taking action, and keep moving. Travel and International Opportunities are the topics that represent my exploration through life.

Want to find out more about my purposes?

Contact me at: [email protected] 

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